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    On average, a relatively low percentage of Americans pay for professional movers when it comes time to move to a new home. For the majority, DIY moving is the option of choice since it’s much more affordable and flexible. If this is something you’re preparing to do for your own household, it’s important to take the time to prepare. However, since even the best preparation can go wrong, it’s important to arm yourself with the tips below.

    1. A Plan is Necessary

    One thing you can’t do is “wing it” when you’re figuring out what day you’ll move. It’s crucial to make a detailed plan that has times, checklists, reservations, and reminders. This is especially true when you’re doing a DIY move since you won’t have any professionals to help keep you on track. Some of the most important questions you should ask and answer when creating your plan include:

    • What time do I want all boxes to be loaded?
    • What time do I want to leave at the very latest?
    • What route am I taking to get to the new house?
    • What size truck do I need for my belongings?
    • Should I rent a storage unit?
    • Should I make a checklist of boxes as I load them?

    2. Doing it All Yourself is Difficult

    Moving 100% on your own is difficult and nearly impossible, especially if you’re on a time crunch. In order to accomplish moving without hiring professionals, you’ll need to have the help of friends and family. While you might be able to pack up your boxes yourself, the help of others when hauling everything is crucial to success. The more people you have, the less time it will take.

    3. Start Packing in Advance

    Packing will take longer than you anticipate, even if you’re leaving a relatively small space. To avoid shaking up your schedule, begin packing one or two months before you have to be out. Start with the items that you don’t use that often and go from there to make things easier on yourself. If you have anything to donate or sell, you should have enough time to accomplish both if you give yourself enough time.

    4. You Must Read Contracts

    When it comes to renting a moving truck or storage unit, it’s important to read through the contracts that you sign. The fine print may look like a lot but it holds some pretty important information. By making it a point to look at the details, you’ll be less likely to run into surprise fees or rules that tighten your deadline.

    5. Know How to Load the Truck

    If you’re going to use a moving truck that you have to place boxes in yourself, it’s important to have a plan for loading. This should include putting heavy boxes on the bottom with the lightest on the top. In addition to this, you’ll want to have a supply of moving blankets and tape to help keep things in place, so they don’t easily move around.

    Make DIY Moving a Breeze

    When you don’t have the help of professional movers, it’s up to you to be organized, on-time, and detailed with your plans. Fortunately, if you hold yourself accountable, you can make DIY moving much less stressful on everyone involved. What’s even better is that your hard work can pay off with some serious money saved at the end of the day.

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